Activity 1: Pipetting

Activity summary

What you must remember :
  • Vocabulary associated with glassware used in a laboratory

  Skills linked to the curriculum :

Compétences Capacités à maîtriser



Connaître le vocabulaire lié à la verrerie de laboratoire




Utiliser les principaux dispositifs d’analyse et de mesure : [..], verrerie graduée, [..]

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Part 1: Using a video

Video "Volumetric Techniques" (from the MIT online learning course): from 0 s to 4 min

Source: MIT Open Course Ware: Volumetric Techniques

Studying a video

1.   What does the video deal with?

2.   What is the use of a volumetric propiette (or bulb)?

Part 2: Using a document and vocabulary help


Part 3: Filling in the blanks

English French
volumetric techniques méthodes de ...
precise measurements
pipette jaugée
volumetric flask
pipet with gradation marks pipette ...
gradation mark
distilled water  
to allow to ... laisser se vider
to suction up liquid = to ... up liquid         aspirer
to ... liquid vider du liquide
to create a ... faire le vide
to ... the vacuum        libérer le vide
to fill a pipet past the 0 mark
to draw up to the 0 mark
to release to the 0 mark
the meniscus lines up with the gradation mark
to flow
to drain out

Part 4: Presenting
3.   Using the previous pictures and the vocabulary help, explain how to use a bulb?
4.   You should then give a 30s, to 1min presentation to the class.
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